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5/52 – Get Out From Behind the Camera

February 3, 2012

5/52 - Get Out From Behind the Camera

As the family photographer, I’m not often in our pictures.  I try to capture our mundane daily life and special memories, only the photographic evidence doesn’t support that I, too, am a part of these happenings.

Both of my daughter’s have been home over the past week as my teenager has been off of school to write her exams. This morning my eldest daughter had her first ever job interview and we hope that this summer finds her working at camp.

Being that I had both my eldest and youngest at home, I asked my big kid if she’d participate in a photo shoot.  As a teenager, she often doesn’t emerge from her bedroom for long periods of time and is often absorbed in music, books and art.  It’s hard to get a photograph of her simply because she’s often flying solo.  But today I cuddled up with my two girls and some books and took what is likely one of the first photos of just the three of us.

This second photo was shoot earlier in the day.  I curled up with the Doodle on her mattress to read our favourite book.  It’s one I’ve been reading to her for about 15 months now.  Fifteen months you ask?  Yes, we read this book while the Doodle was in utero and we still enjoy it until this day.  Whenever I pull it out there’s a familiarity to it for her.  Even better is that over the past two weeks she’s been more interested in turning the pages and looking at the pictures, and less focused on eating the book.

Reading In and Out of Utero

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  1. February 3, 2012 11:10 am

    these are great! what fantastic lighting…

  2. February 3, 2012 7:01 pm

    SO great! i loves seeing your work. such a wonderful blog challenge!

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