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4/52 – Unexpected Perspective

January 27, 2012

4/52 - Perspective

I never imagined that our nursing relationship would be as important to me as it has become. Perhaps it is because I’m not instinctively a nurturing person.  Fixing your scrapes or helping you mend your broken heart isn’t something that will come easily to me.  Breastfeeding didn’t come easily, but it’s become the way I nourish your stomach and your soul.

I’m endlessly trying to capture you nursing. With every photo I come closer to capturing what I see in my minds eye, but I haven’t nailed it yet.  It’s hard to hold up a big camera with one hand and to take a perfectly framed self-portrait!

Your Mama has explicitly indicated that she’s seen enough of my boobs in photos, so this is a fresh take on breastfeeding.  Post-nursing with a tiny droplet of milk below your lip I hold you close and tight.  I cherish our breastfeeding relationship and wish I could hold on to it forever.  But just like my newborn morphed into an infant and is now beginning to morph into a toddler, I recognize that my being your milk mommy is all too fleeting.

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