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2/52 – One Photo A Week

January 16, 2012

Back in the fall I took my very first photography course.  It was a mat leave gift that every Wednesday I’d be guaranteed to get out of the house for 3 hours all by myself to nurture a personal interest.  Despite my best intentions, I made it to 2/3 of the classes.  A few nights I wasn’t interested in the material being covered, and a few nights things were too chaotic with our kids that I felt compelled to stay home.

I like to think that I learned something from this class and that I’m a better photographer because of this investment.  In the least I now know how to use my DSLR on manual settings, and I can now pinpoint why my photographs aren’t working (not that I have yet to figure out how to fix the issues that I encounter, but I can usually work around them).

When the class finished, I found myself picking up my camera less in less.  In part it was because the darker days did not bode well for natural light photography, and in part because I just wasn’t inspired.

I’ve always wanted to tackle a project 365 where I would take a photograph a day for a year.  Only that’s way too ambitious for me.  While I might be able to accomplish taking a photograph each day, the thought of selecting one photograph, downloading and organizing it, processing it and uploading it seems like too much work.

Last year I devised a project 52 as I figured that taking one photo a week would be a much more manageable undertaking.  I took about 14 photos starting with my positive pregnancy test before I called it quits.

So when all of these bloggers started their various project 365, once-a-month and project 52s in 2012, I was going to let it slide.  I didn’t think I needed to nor wanted to jump on that carousel.

A week into the year, however, I suddenly and unexpectedly found myself inspired.  So I recharted my course again and have decided to try my lens at Paint the Moon’s project 52. I love that this photo challenge has captured the attention of amateur and professional photographers alike, that it has a whole photo editing element to it (where I really need to hone my skills), and even includes a kids challenge (and, um, most of those kids take better photos than I do and obviously know more about editing!).

As I plug my way through teaching myself Photoshop Elements and obsessively organize over 10,000 photographs that I found on my hard drive, I’ll start working on my own project 52 to be posted in my Flickr stream, and you can see the photos over there in the left sidebar and I’ll try to include a brief explanation of my theme interpretation with each one.  I missed week one, so I just pulled something I shot in December.  Here’s my contribution from week two:

2/52 - Open2/52 – Open

Raising a baby takes a certain amount of openness in one’s heart.  You find yourself unconditionally falling in love with another human being and you need to be open to the needs of your child which may be different than those you envisioned cultivating.

We’ve been trying to launch the baby into a little bit more of her own independence by getting her to sleep for at least part of the night in her own bed.  Only after a few setbacks, she had her own plans and has made her intentions quite clear for someone without words.  While she is sometimes ready to fall asleep on her own, without being held or nursing, she will only do so in the family bed. This baby does not want a bed or room of her own.

For now we have to remain open to the idea that our sleep space will continue to be shared.

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