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Friday Five

January 13, 2012

One.  This morning the Doodle was eating cheerios in her exersaucer in the kitchen and Wifey passed through the room to say goodbye on her way to work.  The Doodle kept on raising her arms to be picked up, so Wifey scooped her up, gave her a gentle quick kiss, and set her back down to continue eating her cheerios.

As Wifey turned her back to the baby and began to walk away, the Doodle raised one arm and said “Mama.”  I caught this, only Wifey missed it as she had begun to speak to me at the same time as the Doodle uttered her name.  We unsuccessfully tried to re-create the moment.  Intentional or not, it was pretty darn cute.

Two.  On my way to the car with the Doodle in my arms, I intercepted the postman walking up our driveway.  In one arm he had a small package which I knew to be some books I ordered, and in the other there was a card.  I glanced at the card as I hopped into the car.  I recognized the handwriting, but couldn’t immediately place it.

At a red light I opened the card and immediately knew who it was from.  My Wifey had sent me snail mail.  It couldn’t have arrived at a more desperately needed time in the midst of our sleep crisis.  As I read the words she gifted to me, I melted and teared up.

Wifey and I used to romance each other all of the time, but with kids, a dog, extended families, friends, work and a hectic life, it’s often something that gets pushed to the background and is sporadic if we can manage it at all.  In fact romance is more pedestrian at this stage of life as it arrives with someone spontaneously shoveling the driveway or unexpectedly cleaning the house.

But not this day.  Or once a week for the next 51 weeks.  Wifey’s project-o-love is to write me a letter each and every week for the rest of the year.  This makes me swoon.  I’m so lucky to have married this girl.

Three.  Speaking of romance, I just shoveled the driveway.  Well half of it for now, but notably the most difficult part which is the bottom after the plow has been by, which I snuck out to do as the baby napped.  This is only the second time I’ve shoveled the driveway this winter.  In part because it hasn’t been terribly snowy here, and in part because Wifey’s new job doesn’t involve any out-of-town travel, and she  has been in town to rock-paper-scissors for the sharing of this household chore.

I don’t mind shoveling the driveway.  If done correctly, as in done at a quick pace, it’s a good cardio workout.  So much so that I like to substitute a good 10 minute shovel for running 5k on the treadmill at the gym.

Four.  As a parent, I try really hard to listen to my kids or be engaged when they speak about things they are interested in.  It’s over the dinner table where these conversations organically take place.  I love to hear about their day at school, what their friends are up to and what’s new in their life.  What I don’t really care about are the transformers, video game characters or assassin’s creed ninja.  And lately this seems all that they want to talk about and make the bizarre esoteric references.  It’s actually more fascinating to observe how Bella and Bubaloo interact with one another, than to listen to the contents of their conversations.  I wonder when we’ll be unified in our interests again?

Five.  Sleep is still fleeting in our household and the big kids have stepped up to help without even being asked.

Every day after school this week, one of them has taken the Doodle to play with for upwards of an hour.  This has given me some time to nap (albeit unsuccessfully thus far), to do something around the house with that requires two hands and no Doodle wrangling, or have an uninterrupted phone conversation.

There’s nothing I love more than to hear the kids laughing and to watch them bond with one another.  Bella and Bubaloo adore their little sister, and in turn, she adores them.

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