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January 4, 2012

One.  There are two pictures of the Doodle hanging on our bedroom wall from her newborn photo shoot.  I normally don’t like to have pictures of people in my bedroom, but we had so many pictures from this shoot that were ridiculously expensive, and gorgeous, and they deserved to be hung on a wall somewhere.

I remember when we first got to see pictures from the shoot that it was like looking at a stranger.  I didn’t yet know every nook, cranny, angle, curve and inch of her newborn face.  This child came from me and I carried her for nine months, but when she first emerged into the world I didn’t recognize her.  Her image was not yet imprinted in my memory.

I remember leaving her at childcare at the gym for the first time when she was 6 weeks old and wondering if I were only to see her face would I be able to pick out my baby from all of the other babies.  Her outfit was easily recognizable, but I wasn’t so sure about her face.

Looking at those pictures of my daughter on the wall today, I see the newness of these not fully defined features that now make up her more mature baby face.  I also no longer need to look at a picture to recall what my baby looks like.

Two.  Wifey and the kids spoiled me for Christmas with the gift of a break.  They booked a massage and a day at a nature spa.  When I first opened the gift I was a little let down because there was nothing more than I wanted to do was spend a day with Wifey at the spa.  Only I was being sent on my own.  After I thought about it for a mintue, or maybe five, I got really stoked about having an entire day to myself.  Time for myself?  I’ll take it!

I headed up to the spa on Monday for a glorious day spent hoping in and out of the sauna, steam room, hot tub, cold baths and lounging with a book in front of the outdoor fireplace.  I read 70 uninterrupted pages of a book.  And I kept on extending my stay. Just one more hour, I’d say to myself.  Then I would stay that hour and an another additional hour on top of that.  I forgot how good it felt to do something on my own.

When I finally decided to return home, blissed out and relaxed, I was greeted by my happy family and rearranged house.  In my absence, Wifey had rearranged and organized our living spaces.  Basically everything precious and breakable that the Doodle was on the verge of pitching off shelves had been strategically moved out of her reach.  It was heavenly and gorgeous.  I came home to a home that embraced me and I fell in love with our space all over again.  We have some pretty big renos still to tackle and it seems there’s very little energy left for simple decorating.  I love that our space was simply transformed in an afternoon.


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  1. January 5, 2012 11:23 am

    First of all, those photos are gorgeous!! Those little toes peeking out of the cocoon? Swoon! And what a wonderful gift for Christmas. Or your birthday. Or flag day. LOL.

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