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9 Months

December 24, 2011

On Christmas Eve, the Doodle turned 9 months old.

Between all of the holiday preparations, last  minute jaunts to the store, library and hot yoga, I was pressed to find time for her photo shoot.  Normally I shoot in the morning after her nap just to ensure I get a good photo.  It’s also when the light is best in the nursery.

Today, however, I didn’t get in there until early afternoon.  It was a bright sunny day and I almost dissolved into tears when I saw what happened to my backdrop in the winter light.  The sun washed the whole room out and cast big shadows everywhere I could shoot.

The thing about a month by month photo shoot is that you need to be as consistent as possible with your set up, props and lighting.  Relying upon natural light to get your shot for an amateur photographer adds in an extra element of challenge.  I was forced to hold off the photo shoot until later in the afternoon just as the sun was about to set, but I was determined to shoot on the day she turned 9 months.

The Doodle then complicated the shoot once I got her in front of the camera.  Imagine a baby not wanting to be cooperative?  This is a baby on the move!  Add Bubaloo, her doggie and Mama into the room and I had a baby who wanted to be anywhere but seated in a chair.  The world is an exciting place and having your photograph taken is anything but.  So the Doodle kept on diving out of the chair.  I was then thankful for the extra hands to catch the baby before she hit the ground.

So most of my photos were a variation of this (remember, no babies were harmed during the course of this photo shoot):

Baby overboard

This is also when this amateur photographer is grateful for a digital camera so that I could shoot hundreds of pictures to get a handful of shots that document the Doodle.  I did manage to get a shot that was good enough.

Here is the Doodle in all of her 9 month glory.  Happy, content, mobile and mischievous.

Here’s a peak at her previous month by month shots.

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  1. January 7, 2012 1:42 pm

    she’s a doll, of course, but i LOVE that first shot of her flying out of the chair.

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