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Goodbye November

November 30, 2011

I can’t believe today is the final day of the month and the last day of the NoPoBloMo challenge.  I made it to the end!!!   And with a post every single day!!!  Go me!!!  High fives all round!!!

In the spirit of reflection, the final post of NoPoBloMo is a wrap up.  So what did I learn from this adventure?

1.  I was pretty darn rusty at the beginning of the month, and to write well, you need to wield the keyboard frequently.  The first few posts were slogs, and then it got easier.  While I’m not going to keep up at a post-a-day pace, writing with frequency is important to keep the process feeling manageable.  A decent 500 words takes no time to bang out now, compared to what it did on day one of this challenge.

2.  I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough material to write something everyday.  That turned out not to be true.  I had more than enough material since the focus of this blog is pretty general.  There was lots of brain fodder that could have made it to the blog, but didn’t.  What I lacked was the time to write about something meaningful or to take my posts a little deeper.  So while there was content posted everyday, some of it was more impressive than others.  I’d consider this post to be a high, and this post to be a low.  Going forward, I’m going to try to be more meaty in my content.  I have quite a few posts that still need to be written.

3. In devoting what little spare time I had in a day to blogging, I wasn’t able to drive some of my other projects forward.  I’ve got a slew of photographs and video to process and I’d like to get on that.  I’m pretty sure my summer home video project is getting more irrelevant by the day.

That’s a wrap folks.  Happy NoBloPoMo.  And on to the holiday season!

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