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Ten Small Things

November 28, 2011

One.  There are really kind people in the world.  I misplaced a piece for the car seat we tried to install in Wifey’s car yesterday, and I turned to a local sell/swap group to see if anyone had an extra.  An oh-so-lovely mama had one that she was willing to give to me.  She just gave it to me!  I picked it up this afternoon, and in return, I left a jar of homemade strawberry jam for her to enjoy.

Two. I asked Bubaloo to run an errand for me today and take a letter down to the post box.  Time ticked by, he hadn’t returned yet and I was starting to get worried.  Bella came home and I sent her to look for him.  She found him up in a tree.

Three.  Wifey is away on a work trip and I am single parenting.  I am so thankful when she’s here to parent in tandem and I’m even more in awe when I parent alone of those who do it every single day.  Single parents I bow to you.

Four.  Baby A. is teething pretty badly and she’s full of crank and unhappiness.  Wifey ran out to the store at 10pm last night to grab something new for us to try as the typical teething toys and ty.lenol weren’t cutting it.  She picked up some camilla which seemed to help.  This herbal doses come in single serve tubes that you squeeze into the baby’s mouth.  Initially Baby A. wasn’t a fan of this packaging.  She shook her head side-to-side and swung her arms across her face to keep me away.  That was until she discovered the joys of suction when her tongue met the opening of the tube.  She laughed and laughed when that happened and then protested loudly when I tried to take the tube out of her mouth.

Five. I took Mr. Mooster on a walk today at the off-leash dog park and again encountered an incorrigible retriever.  I feel I’m almost in a place where I can make a blanket statement that all labs will rush you to eat baby feet, socks or shoes and retrievers rush you to jump up and give the baby kisses.  The retriever today was quite slobbery.  I may need to dry clean my coat.

Six. Bubaloo’s homework asked him to share something he thought was funny.  He responded by writing “my baby sister.”  This is after I spent the previous 30 minutes making dinner while listening to the baby laugh hysterically non-stop while her brother played with her in the other room.  I’m thinking that he’s the one who is funny.

Seven.  Bella told E. today that A. was now her boyfriend.  She told him that they could still be friends and that they could be friends forevermore.  Cue melodramatic teen music.

Eight.  Someone other than me is eating my lactation cookies.

Nine.  If that person who is eating my lactation cookies continues to do so, I may ask them to share the job of breastfeeding the baby.  It would only be fair to split the responsibility since I’m splitting my cookie stash.

Ten.  I confess that I watched The Walking Dead today…without my Wifey.  This is something that we usually do together on Monday nights.  She won’t be here tonight and I certainly wasn’t going to watch it on my own right before going to bed.

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  1. November 29, 2011 11:03 am

    Re: Five. We have the most mellow. lab. ever. I swear. He’s four, and the dog has never jumped or slobbered on anyone. We picked him from a litter and I DID NOT want a lab. At all. So I asked if there was a mellow puppy and of course she said the biggest one was the mellow one. She was right. I think he’s barked a handful of times, and he was home for MONTHS before we heard it the first time. I’m convinced he’s cross bred with a bull dog or a great dane because his Lab genes are messed up. He is needy as heck though, and has the worst stomach of any dog I’ve ever had. But he’s AMAZING with my kids.

    Eight/Nine: HA!!! Love this.

    • November 30, 2011 7:42 am

      Our old dog was lab and he was pretty gentle. Not mellow, but gentle. But these labs at the off leash dog park just LOVE babies and baby feet. They are big and goofy as they bound on over to take her socks/shoes. A couple of them even have reputations at the dog park for their behaviour!

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