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At the Dinner Table

November 25, 2011

Rituals are important to families and one of the things we try to make sacred each and every day is mealtime.  We strive to eat dinner together as a family most nights of any given week.  This is not without its challenges in a household of five, which includes the competing schedules of two teenagers, a baby, and one of the two moms currently working outside of the home.

Dinner was simple tonight.  Homemade pizza and mixed greens.  Wifey and I had beer to drink, the teenagers milk, and the baby water.

The conversations that happen around the dinner table are priceless and give us a chance to peer inside the mundane, and not-so-mundane, existences that each of us separately live.

Bella now has a boyfriend.  It’s her first boyfriend since starting high school over a year and a half ago.  Yesterday she asked out E., a boy she had been crushing on for months, and was patiently waiting for his answer.  Today her boyfriend is not E., but A.  She’s still waiting for E.’s answer to her proposal.  In the meantime friends suggested to Bella and A. that they should be boyfriend-girlfriend, they looked at one another, and linked arms to make it official.

I’m wondering what’s going to happen if E. says yes?  Or if he says no?  Or if he finds out that Bella is now dating A., will he say anything at all?  Oh the teenage drama that’s going to ensue!

Bubaloo also has a girlfriend.  This relationship is a little bit more tricky.  Bubaloo is her secret boyfriend.  Her parents are apparently pretty strict Muslims and she’s not allowed to have a boyfriend, never mind one that has two moms.

Bubaloo is dating an older woman.  She graduated from their middle school last year and now attends high school.  She’s been sneaking over to the middle school on her lunch hour to visit him, which is a whole story in and of itself as it would take more than 1 hour to get back and forth between the two schools on the city bus.  We may have mentioned this to the principal in passing and the visits seem to have stopped (I’m not concerned about them hanging out, but concerned about a kid who is in grade 9 hanging on to her grade 8 days and likely not integrating too well at her new school).  And now that he’s reached his monthly text quota, I’m sure the relationship will fizzle out until at least December when he gets his texting capabilities back.

Baby A isn’t dating anyone.  She’s only romancing the dog by luring him to her high chair with the promise of sharing her dinner scraps.

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