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The Family Fun Goes On and On

November 20, 2011

The family fun weekend continued today with a trip to the local Agriculture Museum.  It’s not so much your typical museum, as it’s a working farm in the middle of the city.  This adventure was preceded by a family fun walk with the dog where the family, minus the baby and myself as we were at yoga,  got caught in an unseasonal frigid downpour.  Even though the teens have declared that the walk is the most un-fun thing they’ve ever done, they’ve talked about it non-stop all day long.

We started off our outing introducing Baby A to the joy of cows.  I have an unexplainable fondness for cows.  I’m not really sure why, but the obsession started in high school with this commercial for HP sauce that I thought was hilarious at the time (but it’s not in the least bit funny to my adult self) and all my friends kept on gifting me objects that somehow involved cows.  Funny thing is, that until today, I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever been up close and personal with a cow.  They’re not all that cute.  They’re kinda big and bony.

You weren’t allowed to touch the big cows in the dairy barn, but we attended a demo on cow care, and the kids got free rein to pet the calves.  Mamma cows are separated from their calves in the 24-72 hour range to prevent them from getting attached.  But for the first lovely days of their cow lives, they’re allowed to stay together, like the mamma and her calf in the last photo.  The baby was born today and you could still see a piece of the umbilical cord attached to the calf and another piece still attached to the mamma.

The kids really wanted to ride a horse…the coin operated one.  Giddy up!  You can clearly see from the kids’ expression that they’re being dragged to the no-fun museum.

In the dairy barn there’s a separate exhibition area which currently has two features – one focused on bees and the other on tractors.  Wifey read every panel in the bee exhibit, while the kids played with the interactive components, and we even stopped by the kitchen for a cooking demonstration and to play with play dough.  Bubaloo was enthralled by the tractors (which I don’t have any pictures of to post) and we had to finally tell him to get out of this big simulator one so that other people could have a turn.Even better than the calves was the goat and sheep run.  The kids could have stayed there interacting with the goats for hours.  The goats were quite a lively entertaining bunch.

Baby A is starting to learn to explore with her hands and she quickly found the goat’s ear (almost as quickly as she does the dog’s) and I had to warn the staff member to not let the baby get too close to the goat as she’s teething and might bite it.

The kids were so into the goats.  It was pure goat bliss, pure goat heaven.  I mean how incredible is it to get a high five from a goat?

Even Wifey and I were entertained by the sheep. See those red marks on the sheep below?  We had to inquire about those.  It has nothing to do with shearing.  Farmers are so ingenious.  A harness is made for the male ram to which a piece of chalk/ink is fastened on the underside.  To ensure that the ram mates with all of the females in a given pen, all the farmers have to look for is the telltale red marking.  How brilliant is that?  Wifey and I surmised that the amount of red on a female indicated how much mating action she was getting!

A movie, board games, dog walk and a trip to the museum rounded out the mandatory family fun weekend.

The teens, as they are apt to do, have decided that these things weren’t so much fun despite the contradictory photographic evidence posted above.  See, that’s the thing about teens.  They are biologically wired to suck the fun out of truly fun things.  Even when they’re having fun, they’re busily trying to convince themselves that they’re not having fun, and they’ll never let on that they are having even an ounce of fun.  Wifey and I have discovered that it’s best not to heed to the “I don’t want to because it’s not fun call” and just force them to flex their acting skills and pretend that they’re not having fun.  It’s much easier that way.  We still get to do things together as a family, and they don’t have to admit that we, their parents, might be a smidge cool and fun.

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