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Just Bag It

November 12, 2011

Since the weather remains gloriously unseasonal for what is typically a snowy, frigid capital at this time of year, we actually managed to get our fall yard work done in the fall for once.  What a difference it makes when spring comes around to know that you don’t have to rake up mats of wet leaves or cut back last season’s garden.

Bubaloo was our designated helper as he needed to put some energy back into the family.  He tripped himself up in a lie and we’re a family that tries to design consequences that fit the crime.  Since Wifey and I had to spend so much time sorting out his truths from his tall tales, he was handed a pair of gloves and a rake and put to work.  We even let him use the hedge trimmer to cut back the garden and suddenly this chore wasn’t so burdensome after all.

While little boys love Moms who let them use power tools, it’s quite exhausting for the Mommies.  “Where’s the power cord?  Don’t cut through it!”  “Watch your legs!!”  “Why are you looking at me and not what you’re cutting?” “Stop, stop, stop!!  You almost hit me with that thing.”

Baby A hung around in her carrier, while Bella hid out in her room.

Once we finished the yard work, we decided to take it a step further and hang our Christmas decorations.  We took advantage of Bubaloo’s tree climbing skills (if you see the pine tree in the first picture, one time I had to yell at Bubaloo to get out of it as he was three-quarters of the way to the top) and boosted him up into the maple.  Letting your kid scurry around in a tree is much easier than getting out the ladder and futzing with the whole hanging process.

To reward ourselves for all of our hard work, I enjoyed a cold beer while Wifey and Bubaloo devoured their favourite bag of chips.  I even got to canoodle with my Wifey for a brief, stolen, uninterrupted minute as we basked in the sun on our side step.  “My foot is turned to the side cause it likes you,” she told me.

In the evening I stole out of the house to the front lawn to take a picture of the chicken wire tree balls aglow under a nearly full moon.  The origins of our Christmas decorations is a story unto itself.

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