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Be Careful What You Put Into Words

November 11, 2011

Wouldn’t you have it that the very day after I wrote about how little laundry we have with a baby, I would see it increase by 20%!

Baby A’s first outfit of the day was retired prematurely when she somehow managed to dump the entire contents of her sippy cup onto her lap. She wasn’t dirty, but the water soaked all the way through her clothes right down to her diaper.

The second outfit of the day lasted even less time than the first. It was the victim of Baby A’s projectile vomit.

Until this week I had only heard about the legendary force of a baby’s projectile vomit. The first time she unleashed it on me she happened to be strapped into the Ergo, forward facing, and I was wearing a v-neck sweater. It flew out of her mouth and straight into the opening of my shirt. That was Monday or Tuesday.  Today it simply flew out of her mouth and onto the kitchen mat where we had been playing.

The kitchen mat itself constitutes an entire load of laundry.  Not the two extra baby outfits.

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