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Low Hanging Fruit

November 10, 2011

Today is the 10th day of NoBloPoMo (look, I’m #1099 on the blog roll) and I was hoping to not have to resort to grabbing low hanging fruit so early on in this quest.  I suppose if I to try to put a little optimistic spin on this, I’d have to point out that I’m nearly 1/3 of the way through this daily blogging challenge and it’s now 8:00 pm and this is the first time I haven’t been doing something since my day started at 7:00 am.

Since we’re aiming low, I think that also is a call to share the mundane in my day.  Even better I’m going to make this a bullet list.  Here we go.

1. Folding one load of laundry and filing important papers while letting the baby freely roll around on the laundry room floor.

While doing this I recalled a facebook post from our local baby shop asking people how they thought the workload of cloth diapers stacked up in the grand scheme of household chores.  A lot of people complained about laundry fatigue.

Having a newborn, who is now a baby, hasn’t increased our weekly laundry.  Between all of us in the house, we still do only five loads a week for clothes.  The cloth diapers only add three or four loads and I do those at night.

That’s when I looked at my baby rolling on the floor.  She was covered in dust bunnies, dog fur, laundry lint and other stray bits.  Instead of changing her outfit, I just lit rollered her off before we headed out to storytime.  That’s why my laundry load hasn’t increased.

2. Met other babies at storytime at the library.

Baby A and I go to storytime each week so that she can hang out with other babies and so I can hopefully make some new mommy friends.  So far I’ve just added some new kid songs to my repertoire.  I’ve been singing the one about sitting in a high chair all night long.

I was running late because of the unanticipated lint rollering of my baby, and when I got outside with the diaper bag, car seat, and other big bag, I realized that I forget the baby carrier and I was definitely in need of a jacket.  I flew back into the house to grab the two forgotten items and left the front door haphazardly open.

That’s when Mr. Mooster bolted off the couch and out the door.  While I had clearly told him we weren’t going to the dog park, he had other intentions.  The dog was halfway down the street before I managed to fling my bags beside the car and set the baby down.  I ran off down the street with a treat in hand, thankful that I have a supply of those in the baby carrier, screaming the dog’s name.  I may have had to call him 10 or more times, but he did come back and in return for his compliance, I locked him in the house and continued on my merry way to the library.

3. Ran 5K.

That’s kind of self-explanatory.  It was on a treadmill, at the gym, in 32m7s, where they have really affordable and lovely child care.  Today was the first time I didn’t pump a bottle for Baby A.  Instead I left her with two rice crackers.  They have monitors on each machine where you can see your kid in the playcare.  I jumped between House Hunters International and the in-house playcare entertainment.

One of the employees at they gym is in love with Baby A.  I think it’s because she’s a lesbian mommy, and I’m a lesbian mommy, and she doesn’t really have any other queer community, so she’s weirdly attached to us.  It’s nice, if a bit unusual.  She no longer works in playcare as they moved her to be the person you do your initial fitness consultation with, but she checks to see if we’re booked in everyday in order to schedule her break accordingly.  I showed up and she was there 5 minutes later. 

4. Cleaned the house.

Now that Baby A is eating some solids, one of the perks of having a dog is that the floor stays pretty clean on a regular basis.  The downfall is that while every stray scrap gets hoovered by the dog, the floor gets to look like it’s working its way to becoming a shag rug in short order.  I strapped Baby A on to my back to get this chore done.

Perhaps at one point in time I may have had a minor mishap when I tripped over the cord of the vacuum cleaner, fell forward and to the side and slightly bonked Baby A’s head on the wall.  She began to cry with only 1.5 rooms left to being done this miserable chore. For a moment I debated turning off the vacuum cleaning, pulling her out of the carrier and kissing the injury I had caused better.  Instead I craned my head around as much as I could to sing and ssh her to the music of the vacuum cleaner.  She quieted easily and was out for a nap less than 5 minutes later.

This was supposed to be low hanging fruit and it’s now a post with a lot of words and very little direction. With that I’m going to say good night.

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