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What’s on Your Christmas List?

November 8, 2011

Alongside all of the emotional heavy lifting that having teenagers requires, our two teens are frequently a source of entertainment in our house.  They have these moments that make you chuckle and simultaneously roll your eyes.  Sometimes you laugh with them, and sometimes you have to laugh at them.  I know the latter is in poor parenting taste, but I can’t always help myself.

Over the weekend, we asked Bella and Bubaloo to draft up their Christmas lists as their relatives have already made inquires about what to get them.  These inquiries may have started rolling in in in October.  I have a moratorium on all-things-Christmas until at least November and I didn’t feel compelled to comply with these requests until now.

Bubaloo wrote his list  up on the computer.  It had pictures and was 7 pages long.  It took him two hours to create.  You would think with a 7 page wish list that we’d have to have a talk with our son about his expectations and quash his sense of entitlement.  His love of big pictures and even bigger font meant that this 7 page list was quite light in the content department.  He’s asked for two nerf guns, some lego, yugioh and pokemon cards.  He didn’t even ask for a video game.

Bella’s list on the other hand will give us a little bit more to work with.  She’s asked for some art supplies, clothes and a few books amongst other items.  Her last request is a little bit unwieldy and it’s not one I’m sure we’re going to be able to deliver upon.  For Christmas, Bella would like love and world peace.

I may have chortled a bit when I read this and quickly dismissed it for its attempt at brevity.  Wifey on the other hand, in private and in a state of premenstrual agitation, delivered a lengthy rant on this wish list item that pretty much could be summed up as a treatise on how teenagers try to be deep thinkers and miserably fail.   This is not, however, preventing Wifey from getting plenty of mileage out of it.  Love and world peace has been at the top of all the request lists we’ve parsed out to date.

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