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The Glorious Toothbrush

November 7, 2011

Baby A is a voracious teether.  She cut her bottom two teeth at 5 months old.  The top two teeth made their appearance as she was about to turn 7 months.  Her fifth tooth poked its way through her top gum last week and the matching top tooth is at the “any day now” stage.  I can also feel bumps in her lower mouth where teeth 7 and 8 are working their way towards the surface.  If those last two teeth cut through next week, that will be 6 new teeth in a single month.  That’s right.  Six teeth in 30-ish days.  Holy teething batman!

Teething hasn’t been a walk in the park, but it hasn’t been a hellish nightmare either.  Babies change so fast it’s hard to attribute any disturbance in their schedule to just one thing.

What I can say with certainty about the evolution of Baby A’s teething is that the older she’s gotten, the more noticeable her discomfort is.  Or maybe that’s because she has so many things going on in her mouth at the same time.  Regardless, now that she can hold stuff and put it in her mouth, she’s better able to direct where she needs pain relief.

The best teething tip we received is to use  the very simple baby toothbrush.  Baby A loves to chew, chomp and gnaw.  Her toothbrush is her new favourite teething toy because it’s easy to hold on to and she can easily work it around her mouth to apply pressure where it’s most needed.

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