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September 30, 2010

11/52 - Fall Harvest

The kidlets decided that they wanted to have a garden of their very own this past summer.  I did have one bed that needed to have a tomato-free summer so I decided to hand it over.  They each took a 4×4 foot area to plant whatever they desired. Bubaloo took up the farming cause.

Wifey had made fresh bread in the spring from scratch and this motivated him to see if we could make it even more from scratch.  Bubaloo decided to become a wheat farmer.  He did the planting math and discovered that he could grow enough wheat in his 4×4 plot to make three loaves of bread.

Growing wheat proved to be challenging from the beginning.  It started when he had to germinate the seeds in a moist coffee filter and plastic baggie.  Laying the seeds out with just enough space between them frustrated him beyond reason.  Then after the seeds germinated, he had to plant them in the garden.  The fine motor skills of this 12-year old aren’t so refined yet.  And well, neither is his patience.  He had to delicately plant the seeds one by one into tiny holes and then cover with soil leaving the green shoots exposed.  The first two steps were tantrum inducing, but he did persevere.  The hard part was over.  All he had to do was water religiously through the spring season to ensure that all of his seedlings would take.

While April and May are somewhat wet, new seedlings require regular watering.  Daily almost.  Bubaloo never once picked up a watering can.  All but three of his seedlings died.

He was so upset.  It was truly tragic.  Nature had somehow failed him.  I nicely tried to point out that a little watering to assist nature would have gone a long way, only to be silenced by death stares from both Bubaloo and Wifey.  This is when we had the brilliant idea to redirect his green thumb and turn him into a potato farmer.

Wifey worked with him to prep some potatoes and into the garden they went.  All summer long the only sign he had that his farming skills were working as the green tops of the potatoes exploded and began to take over everything.  He watered his plants somewhat irregularly and Wifey and I snuck in extra waterings during the summer heatwaves.

As the weather began to cool, it was finally time to reap the rewards of his efforts.  Potatoes.  A lot of them.  Huge, gigantic and irregularly shaped potatoes.  Funny looking potatoes.  Each potato was odd and as it was pulled from the garden, it was met with a round of giggles.  Weird potatoes.  Yet delicious.

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  1. December 13, 2010 6:04 pm

    Well, color me impressed. I can’t imagine taking on a wheat project. I applaud his efforts! And, the potatoes? Those look amazingly delicious. Fresh from the garden– there’s nothing better!

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