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What 12w5d Looks Like

September 23, 2010

10/52 - Belly Shot at 12w5d10/52

I’ve really been wanting to take a series of creative and artistic belly shots to document the growth of this little one. I’ve been inspired by Cole’s Maternity Series, the Walk to 40 Weeks or Mama Mia’s Maternity Book.

My mother has an entire baby album of me.  It includes one or two photos of her pregnancy and the rest documents my first year or two of existence before my brother arrived.  He wasn’t as lucky since she had her hands full with two kids and he was only selectively captured on film here and there.

Our kids didn’t come with life books and the earliest photo we have of Bella and Bubaloo is one that a teacher took cira 2005.  Bella was lucky however when her father reconnected via sending CAS an album that his wife had put together of her early childhood.  We now have a photo of her being cradled by her birth mother and father in what I think is her hospital homecoming photo.

I’m only going to be pregnant once (well, that’s pretty likely) and one of the things I was really looking forward to was the experience of being pregnant.  I have to say that weeks 6-11 made me pretty miserable.  I was pretty sure that this pregnancy thing was overrated and I suddenly could not remember why I wanted to do it in the first place.  The wee one was quite effective at making me feel like crap.  Constantly nauseous, constantly hungry, unable to cook or enjoy food, dizzy, exhausted and always thirsty.  I expected some discomfort, but I didn’t think it would be anything that I couldn’t work through and still be an effective employee, mother and partner.  I existed during this time, but barely.

Now I’m feeling better.  I’m getting into this pregnancy groove and looking forward to mid-October when this insane and all-consuming work project will end and I can sit back, relax and enjoy my life again.  I’m still grappling with how to best document this pregnancy.  But, the one thing this photo makes clear is that I’m going to need to look a little more pregnant in order for any photo series to work!

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