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The Project the Never Ends

September 16, 2010

9/52 - The Laundry Room9/52

Back on my old blog, Humpty Dumpty House, our entire life story was framed by the disaster that we purchased in 2005.  The house that nearly cost us our financial health, our marriage and the adoption of Bella and Bubaloo.  To recap, we bought our first home and discovered that the previous owners had failed to disclose a leaky foundation. We had to gut our finished basement and waterproof the foundation from the exterior, which we did in 2006.  Fast forward another 4 years and we finally moved forward on refinishing the basement.  Total pocketbook cost = 80K.

Not because I don’t have mad handyman skills (ha, I wish!), but we did need to hire someone to complete this job for us.  We now have a second bathroom, a large family room and an office which will soon turn into Bella’s new bedroom.  With a little more savings we’ll be able to furnish and actually make use of this new space.  Our contractors, which is an entire experience to document in and of itself, finished these rooms for us.  They started in April and I just wrote the final cheque this week.

In order to save a little money, we decided to finish the laundry/utility room ourselves.  Or rather, I decided that I would finish the laundry room by myself as I’m the more handy one of this partnership.

Initially we planned to keep it simple.  We were going to paint the floor white.  Only the reno revealed a patchwork of cement floor and old tile that was likely asbestos based.  Painting it would have made it look like crap.  Our solution was vinyl tile.

I’ve never laid a floor before, but it’s peel and stick tile so I figure how hard could it be?  If the room was perfectly square and I didn’t have to cut around so many obstacles, I’m sure it would be really easy.  Instead, I’m 12 weeks pregnant rolling around cutting tile and getting it all to match up. I’ve only managed to finish half of the floor thus far and I haven’t even hit the hard parts yet – under the washer/dryer, around the water heater, cutting holes for drains and the sump pump.

While my Wifey really appreciates that I’m taking this particular household improvement on, the baby doesn’t appreciate the squatting this job requires as it really cramps its living quarters.  My uterus doth protest.

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