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10 Weeks

September 2, 2010

7/52 - 10 Weeks7/52

Today the baby became real.

A little over a week ago, I had some spotting.  It was brown, not a lot and likely implantation bleeding. As much as I could rationalize it as being nothing, I was so very worried that it meant something was wrong.  I felt like I had harmed the baby as I was spending much of my time complaining (only one aloud utterance for every four that I thought) about how awful this little thing was making me feel.  At our first midwife’s appointment, I requested an ultrasound and we went in at exactly 10 weeks.

The baby is fine.  It’s thriving!  It has a strong heartbeat of 180bpm and was measuring right on size for 10 weeks.  The best part is that it moved!  The little arm stubs protruding from its side wiggled back and forth like it was trying to say hello.  Frantically moving its arms as if to say, “Hey Moms, look at me!  I’m here!  Hello!  Can you see me?  I’m waving to you.”

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  1. October 12, 2010 10:37 am

    Hey! I have not dropped by in a very long time (so many blogs, such a busy life!!) but I wanted to say a HUGE congratulations!! Just read a few months back and am sooooo happy for you both and your growing family. Congratulations!!

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