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Happy Pride

August 26, 2010

pride 6/52

Every year since we adopted Bella and Bubaloo, our family marches in the local pride parade.  We walk with the summer camp the kids go to for children and youth of LGBTQ families while screaming out our favourite camp songs.  I say scream because we always inevitably end up in the parade sequence behind some float with a deafening sound system that blares some gay electro/house/dance music that we like to think we can be louder than.

This year, there was an unusual number of homophobic religious groups along the parade route with their placards.  And by unusual I mean more than one.  Usually there’s one guy up by parliament.  But there were a whole handful this year.  They’re generally not verbally disrespectful or aggressive.  They silently stand there glaring at all of the marchers and revelers with these very big signs they hoist over their heads upwards to the heavens.

I wish this photo was better, but we almost died laughing as we cheered on this fabulous group of teen girls.  They has a bunch of signs to counter those not-so-nice religious ones.  For posterity, the one I captured in a really bad photo of read, “Jesus had two dads and he turned out ballin’.”  I wasn’t quite sure what ballin’ was, but I was pretty confident that is was a good thing.  You can read the definition here.

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