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Summertime is for Swimming Pools

August 12, 2010

4/52 - Swimming Pool4/52

One of the things about adopting older kids is that people tend to think, that as parents, you won’t get to experience a lot of firsts.  Or, that you won’t be able to watch the kids develop new interests and hone new skill sets.  With Bella and Bubaloo, we quickly learned that there was a whole bunch of things that they told us they could do…but they really couldn’t.

Swimming was one of those things.

We rented a cottage for two weeks our first summer together and that’s when we found out our kids couldn’t swim.  They told us they could so we chose this cottage on lake where you have to jump right off of a dock to get into the deep, dark, cool lake water.   It quickly became a disaster as we realized that the kids’ understanding of swimming was to doggie paddle and they couldn’t even do that very well.  We put them in life jackets and even then it took them a week to muster up the courage to jump off the end of the dock.

Four summers later, and numerous swim lessons throughout the school year, our kids are fish.  They love the water and you cannot get them out.  This is why a week of vacation at Grandma’s house, the Grandma who happens to have a backyard pool, is a little slice of heaven for the kidlets.

Even better is that we got to spend an extra afternoon with one of my nephews who is an incredibly witty four-year-old.  And, it turns out that the older kids thought that having a wee one to play with was pretty neat and they were more than happy to dote on him for the entire day.

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